About Us

AMKO Safaris is based in Kenya, the home of safari and nature at its best. We are a duly registered safari operator offering a wide range of safari products including wildlife safaris, cultural safaris, mountain climbing and beach holidays. We specialize in Kenya as a safari destination.

Our safari programs are designed to cater for different budgets. We will work with you to design a safari itinerary that fits your budget. We invite you to seize the opportunity to come and enjoy our magical safari destinations.

Peter, the director and founder of the company has a wealth of experience in the tourism industry. For several years, he has designed and operated tours and safaris for clients from a diverse range of background and even guided tours in the wild.

Our fleet of safari vans and buses and experienced guides ensures that you receive personalized attention while you are on safari with us. Some of our guides can communicate in other languages other than English such as French.

In this website, you will find some of our popular safari programs. These are by no means the only ones. We have many more in our database and even if you don’t find one that excites you, we can work together with you to design a program that meets your expectations. Please make contact with us and you will have taken your first step towards your dream African safari. 

We are also represented on www.safaribookings.com.

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Selected lodge safaris

We traverse Kenya and parts of East Africa to show you stunning landscapes, unique wildlife and ensure you meet the local people. Our safari itineraries are meticulously designed to give you a rich safari experience. We have many safaris on offer and here are a few samples.

Mountain climbing in kenya

Our mountain climbing expeditions offer an exhilarating hiking experience. Our guides and porters are expert trekkers with several years experience. In addition to Mount Kenya; we organize treks to Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Elgon, mount Longonot and other interesting areas in East Africa.

Amko's Car hire

Imagine a car renting experience without tidal waves of paperwork, without mountains of confusing jargon and protocol, without hidden payment traps – just a flat, hassle-free experience. At amko safaris we work hard to provide you with just that.