6 Days Wildlife Paradise

Day 1: Solio Ranch

Drive toSolio Game Reserve for game drives. With a large wildlife population, Solio is the best place in the world to watch rhinos and leopards. There are also many other animals including zebra, lion, cheetah, hyena, as well as two northern species, the reticulated giraffe and the beisaoryx. The area is also a bird watcher’s paradise with over 100 species of birds so far recorded. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

Day 2: OlPejeta

Take a short guided morning nature walk to watch birds and also learn about the local plants. Then transfer to OlPejeta Conservancy for game drives. This is the perfect place to watch wildlife in a less crowded environment. Large populations of wildlife including black rhino, elephant, cheetah, lion, leopard, zebra, hartebeest are all here. Overnight at Sweetwaters Tented Camp.

Day 3: OlPejeta

Visit the nearby chimpanzee sanctuary, the only one of its kind in Kenya.Then a full day of game drives at OlPejeta. Overnight at Sweetwaters Tented Camp.

Day 4: Samburu

Drive north for 3-4 hours to Samburu National Reserve. Lunch then afternoon game drive. Overnight at Samburu Sopa Lodge.

Day 5: Samburu

Whole day of game drives in Samburu. Samburu reserve is arid bush country whose lifeline is the UasoNyiroriver that flows through the reserve. Some endemic animals found here are found nowhere else on our tour circuit. These include the Grevy zebra, oryx and gerenuk. Along the river, marked by Doum palms, we may find lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, crocodile etc. Overnight at Samburu Sopa Lodge.

Day 6: Nairobi

Leave after breakfast for a morning game drive as we exit the reserve. Transfer to Nanyuki or Nairobi.


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